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5 Winning Facebook Marketing Tricks Of 2018

What started at the dormitory of a campus has today turned into a global sensation with over a billion active users. This mutation has included features that make it optimized for business. Every day sees a new feature added that transforms how the platform is used for personal and business purposes. Among the many changes that have taken place, which ones will define your facebook marketing campaign?

Preference for videos

Facebook marketing
While videos account for less than 1% of the posts made on facebook, they have surprisingly surpassed other posts to attract more than 7% of attention. It is not surprising that this number is growing. Facebook is competing with YouTube on popularity of videos. It is also receiving support from the fact that more people are accessing facebook from their mobile phones and devices. As such, they can easily be downloaded and sent viral. If you have not started using videos in your facebook marketing campaigns, you are losing big.

Saved Audiences

Digital marketing campaigns have never been about everyone. There are targets for each product. This is the group that Saved Audiences wants to make easy for you to access. You select a group of people who must see your content. Targeting helps you to monitor results since the expectations are specific. If you intend to talk to 1000 people, you can gauge how many responded and the actions they took. This feature is a 100% free to set up. It helps you determine expected impact before beginning to pay for the adverts.


Facebook retargeting
This is one of the most effective ways to capture online traffic. Facebook provides data on people who have visited your website and the actions they took. You can judge their interests and thus re-advertise to them. This has been regarded as one of the most cost effective ways of marketing online. All you need is a tracking pixel that enables you to monitor actions on people through your facebook account. Such tools are integrated with other social media marketing campaign tracking tools to enable you collect comprehensive data about your campaign.

Caption Your Videos

Facebook has introduced automatic captioning of videos. A lot of viewers do not use sound on facebook. Take advantage of captioning to pass the message. It adds great value to communicate with images and in different languages. With a single video, you can reach to thousands of followers on facebook.

Go Live

Facebook Go Live
People are choosing social media as their source of information compared to conventional media. This is a way of engaging your followers without requiring them to download. As you launch your product or pass an important message, they will be your real time audience. This gives you instant feedback that can be used to enhance the produce before mass production. You do not need a professional to actualize this.

Facebook is a fast evolving as a perfect and affordable social media marketing platform. Engage a specialist company to maximize on opportunities presented by facebook for your brand. You will be impressed by the level of return on investment from marketing on facebook.

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