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Attracting Traffic With WordPress- Plug-ins & Tools

Do you have adequate traffic on your website?

May be you think they are enough. But you can never say ‘NO’ to more clients or sales.

So now thinking of strategies to increase your clientele?

You must have stumbled on sundry websites with disparate approaches to amplify website traffic.

We have summarized all plausible tactics intended for you. Here is a fusion of some plug-ins and google tools. Let’s check out those:-


An additional light element is always best for your elegant website or blog. Plug-ins adjoin supplementary attributes to your website making it more functional. More traffic evidently means more revenue.

1. Yoast SEO Plug-in

It is #1 WordPress SEO Plug-in. Yoast is the trendiest and user friendly WordPress SEO Plug-in. You can reliably optimize your web contents according to Yoast SEO Plug-in.  This SEO plug-in has diverse options to customize for better results.

Yoast has options of creating captivating titles, editing snippets, focused keywords and many more. The most noteworthy feature is Content Analysis Section with Orange, Green and Red Buttons indicating the Readability of the content. These parameters enable you to make necessary amendments in regards to your visitors.

There are Flesch Reading Test, Count of Transition Words, Paragraph Analysis, etc. These all tests check the aptness of your content. Readability of your posts matters the most. However, if your visitor is not able to read and understand what you want to convey, it’s useless.

Apart from Readability tests, SEO is also well ensured by Yoast. It deeply analyzes the contents, keyword counts, readability of paragraph, etc to guarantee ultimate traffic. Those colored buttons not only tell about readability of the content but also the SEO of that post. Therefore, you certainly need to keep on redrafting until its GREEN.

With Yoast SEO Plug-in, you can post best of the posts and with a better SEO strategy. All the proof –reading and SEO optimization becomes easy with this plug-in. You don’t need any prior knowledge before operating with this plug-in.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is for generating leads and consequently grow revenue of your website. You must have faced a situation where a first time visitor never comes back. This is where this plug-in ensures you your regular visitor.

OptinMonster comes with Beautiful Lead Capture Forms, Multiple Form Designs, Analytics and Insights, Page Level Targeting, etc. All these are requisite for conjuring leads, conversions and ultimately sales.

OptinMonster helps you build your email list faster. Creating email list is important for your site and so this is the tool with modern tactics. This has proven to be the best lead generate among many famous enterprises. You can increase your traffic by capturing your visitors’ email with the help of this plug-in.

3. Mail Option

Mail Optin is an all-inclusive WordPress plug-in with guaranteed leads, boosted conversions and hence more revenue. You not only attract new customers but also retain current and new ones too. However, this is also integrated with Scheduled Newsletters , maybe daily, weekly or even monthly.

With MailOptin, you don’t need to worry about the email list building. This plug-in automates email campaign, keeps leads engaged and also serves you ample of time for other essential tasks. You no more require spending abundant time and money to keep your subscribers and leads engaged.

This plug-in comes with a Lightbox Popup, Notification Bar, Widgets, etc to make it more functional. You can easily send out programmed and event triggered mails. MailOptin also intimates your subscribers with new published posts.

4. Bloom Email Option Plug-in

This is another lead generating WordPress Plug-in with email subscribers. Bloom Email Optin Plug-in is the best quality plug-in for engaging leads to your site.  Emailing is always the effective and secured way of increasing traffic. This method keeps your visitors or potential customers updated about your latest works.

Bloom comes with scheduled and automated email feature to notify your subscriber of every new publishing.  You don’t depend only on search engines to increase traffic to your site with this plug-in.

However, bloom ensures that your one time visitor becomes your regular customer by emailing them the newest updates. This comes with 6 different pop-up styles with effectual settings to get attention of viewers without any hassle. Bloom is a very classy way of approaching to your customers.

5. Monarch Social Share Plug-in

Social media is the most influential platform for increasing traffic. There are millions of social media users and what’s better than approaching them via these platforms. Any eminent site has the potential of bringing in more customers via social media.

Therefore, Monarch Social Sharing plug-in is crafted to target potential customers and attract traffic. This plug-in covers more than 35 social networks and hence you can trouble free target social media of your choice.

There are countless plug-ins targeting social media but rare are as proficient as Monarch. With better design, more locations covered and lightning fast functions, it’s worthy.

Revive Old Post

Your posts are very important for your site. It can be your product, a description, anything. As the name advocates, this helps in giving life to your previous posts. You can keep your posts active by sharing via social networks to attract traffic.

No matter what publicity you got by those old posts but it might turn out useless because of lack of visibility. As new posts are published, the old ones get lost in your site. When you share your posts on social media platforms, it gets viewed by numerous users and hence increased traffic.

Your old posts could certainly bring new audiences to your site enhancing your online presence. ROP works as auto-poster and so you can easily auto share your posts on social media at your chosen time. It is integrated with Google Analytics and compatible with URL Shortners too.

i. Inline Related Posts

Quite infamous companies have acknowledged the concept and embraced it too.  By taking care of the marketing aspects, this Inline Related Posts has been built. With this plug-in, you can increase page views, engagements and also subsequently reduce bounce rate.

However, engagement is extensively important for your site along with bringing in new traffic. Posting relevant contents for your users can engage and attract new audiences.

With IRP, you can add related posts in between your posts to increase engagement on your site. This plug-in comes with more than 20 fusions of style, i.e., color, themes and hover.

ii. All-in-One-SEO Pack

This is one of the ultimate plug-in for increasing your traffic. This is inclusive of all requisite tactics to improve your online presence. All-in-One SEO plug-in has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times and has been rated 4.9.

All-in-One SEO comes integrated with XML Sitemap Support, Google Analytics Support, Built-in API, etc to enhance the practicality. Hence, this plug-in is apt for beginners as it does its work efficiently with utmost satisfaction to the user.

All-in-One Plug-ins automatically updates the search engines about the changes in your sites. This helps in avoiding the duplicating contents, adjusting Meta tags and descriptions according to your choice.

Google Tools:-

All online aspects and all related attributes are now dependant on Google. Google has developed new tools and services for businesses of any kinds.

Marketers should take advantage of all the Google services available to endure their online presence among their competitors. There are many tools available at your service and here are few of them.

i. Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is a Google Tool for evaluating and maintaining your website’s performance. This is a free tool to enabling you to reveal issues with your sites to fix. GWT lets you uncover and eradicate malwares which are difficult to locate normally.

You can identify the queries which attract the traffic most and also which causes to occur in search results. GWT doesn’t let your website to appear in search results, but offers precious information to help with marketing efforts.

This tool presents you a detailed report of website’s daily performance, malwares and also broken links. You can achieve imminence to the keywords for higher ranking of your page. Even more, Google Webmaster Tools enables you to make readable and visible to Google.

GWT monitors you to surveil performance of website or evaluate content for better user experience. It also makes it plausible to put forward new pages and posts for Google and remove unwanted contents. This is the best tool to comprehend the way Google search outlooks your website.

ii. Google Analytics

Won’t you like to know what’s wrong with your website or marketing efforts?

Google Analytics is at your assistance. This provides detailed analysis for small and medium business or start-ups. This analytics offers you important information for your website. These information can be regarding the queries visitors use to get to your page, the amount of visitors and also their conversion rate.

This tool’s feature includes data visualization with a dashboard, scorecards, etc. This is integrated with other Google tools like AdWords, Website Optimizer and Public Data Explorer.

Google Analytics can be easily incorporated to your website. All you need to is Google account to sign up for Google Analytics. You can add your website to it and generate the required code hassle-free.
This tool enables measuring advertising of your website and also tracks other networking sites and requirements.

iii. Google Pagespeed Insight

Page speed is the most essential part to engage users to your website. As the name suggests, this tool lets you optimize your page speed to increase traffic to your website. This tool offers you suggestions to increase the performance of your website.

This not only increases running of website, but also takes care of the rankings and users’ browsing experience. This tool is has a firm ground for modern technologies to be adaptable for all devices.

Pagespeed offers you Detailed Reporting, Summaries, Comparisons, Scheduled Reports Checks, etc to make it effortless to attract traffic to your website. All these offer various aspects to improve the areas to be rectified for better speed and performance.

Configuration of this tool generates best practices for optimization of your website’s performance. With best performance and improved contents and marketing efforts, it is easy to attract traffic now.  Even more, you get daily reports for your adopted practices to know the best suited and hence increase visitors.

iv. Google Trends

A trend changes with time swiftly, and similarly the online search patterns. With changing trends and preferences, users change their queries and hence changed search results.

Hence Google presents you the best tool for analyzing the recent trends of users and the related search results. This provides insights into the popular keywords, trending searches, etc of the users.  Consequently, you can get information on what people search and how your website’s popularity changes.

It gives you estimation of keywords’ popularity and not clear-cut search volume data. This tool is extremely easy to use and gives engaging perceptions for related keywords popularity. Google Trends analyses traffic to your website with specific terms and searches. This data certainly includes unique visitors and searches from particular physical locations.

v. Google Adwords Keywords Planner

Keywords are those phrases that users search for their relevant data. You don’t always get enough ranking or lack in deciding the appropriate keywords?

Well, here is an awesome helping tool for you bestowed by Google.  Keywords Planner suggests you practices to follow to attract traffic efficiently.

Google Adwords discovers new keywords, researches potential keywords, estimates bid for each keywords, and other related things. With the relevant keywords selections, you can rank your website in search engines.

As an SEO Content writer, you can incorporate various trends to apply on your website content. Keywords are important for your website. However, increased use of keywords, more than the specified limit can make you consider ‘Spam’. You don’t want that, right?

Hence, just plan out your keywords with this awesome tool and get going with best SEO practices. Above all, these benefit you to increase visitors or attract more traffic.

vi. Google Fonts

Styling has always been the best part of any online pr physical attributes. Similarly, Fonts can change your website style and engage customers to your website.

Google Fonts consists of more than 800 styles to decorate your website and make it more appealing. Fonts play an important role because it improves readability and accessibility to the users.

Choosing Fonts are essential to let user read over any device and screen sizes. Moreover, it should be comfortable for the user to understand your message. Typography can be very intimidating to the user for a creative display of your website.

There are many hand-picked fonts optimized for User-Interface. These fonts can be customized as per the need of the page and website. With different family, styles and weights, text styling is very easy. Let’s roll with creativity and attract traffic on your website.

vii. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is increasingly beneficial for small business or start-ups. This tool offers A/b testing and multivariate testing tools directly linked with Google Analytics.

It is free CRO tool to increase user-experience and websites’ page views. Moreover, this is mainly used by marketers making use of information provided by Analytics.

Furthermore, marketers prefer tools exclusively to enhance their productivity. You have numerous tools for keyword ranking, broken link, other analysis, etc.

viii. Google Tag Manager

First of all, you already know how ‘tags’ are important for your website contents. Tags work a bit similar to your keywords selections. These tags enable you to rank your website in search engines.

You must have manually entered Tags for all your contents to reach maximum number of audience and rank high in search engines.

Tags are essential for user to understand your content’s concept better. The assemblage of different related posts for better navigation helps user acknowledge your content.

Google Tag Manager manages your Tags automatically. This takes off one burden from your shoulder of manually inserting Tags on posts individually. Therefore, you no more need to maintain snippets of code manually.

Above all, with proper Tags usage, your website can attract traffic to your website. GTM can be used without editing site code. Therefore, this also reduces blunders and permits deploying tags on site efficiently.

Let us know about the tools that benefit you and your website. Also, mention us the best tools we missed (if we did). Comment your preferences and feedback regarding our list.

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