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At Inqsys Technologies, we verbalize computer, so we know what’s best when it is programming and developing software. Our experts can handle your demands with this programming language smoothly.

First of all, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML (a programming language).Consequently, it allows modifying web page contents and appearances. Coupled with new elements, attributes and a superior set of technologies, it creates a more diverse and influential websites.

Some of the related technologies used by our skilled HTML5 software development team are JAVA, Adobe Tools , Silverlight, Eclipse IDE, noVNC, SVN, PHP, PHP frameworks, MySQL, jQuery mobile, Apache Server, Django, Joomla, Python, Magento, SenchaTouch, AngularJS, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails and ExtJS- to name a few.

Also, HTML5 based websites can be accessed even when not connected to the internet.  Certainly, it is has new elements for Audio, Video and Canvas. Hence, this helps in integrating different multimedia and graphical contents. Furthermore, HTML5 has made website making and coding effortless and pleasurable.

Our programmers make a better use of HTML5 specific tools such as CSS3, JSON, XML, JavaScript etc. to build up business apps that are user friendly, trustworthy and cost effective. They mingle the best attributes of XHTML and HTML into a commanding platform that supports with more affluent improved experience.

To summarize, HTML5 is a mobile device based language. As a result, it has made WebPages and users’ surfing more efficient. It also lets us to make mobile websites and applications supported across all browsers and platforms.

We offer the following HTML5 Services to our customers:


Internet Explorer 10, AOL Explorer and Pale Moon are the HTML5 browsers. HTML test suite is also being developed because it doesn’t test all of its new attributes and functionality.

HTML5 Application Development

You can develop innovative and out-of the box applications hassle free. Html is a preferred framework for business to enhance it online. It is the most advanced and supports Java, CSS, Flash and Silverlight.

HTML5 Web Development

HTML5 is an advanced mark-up language. It helps in building websites easily with less coding. Interactive experience can be created for the users without plug-in installation.

HTML5 Mobile App Development

It is a collection of web-pages or a webpage designed to function even on a small screen. These are the web-based applications. These HTML Apps work on devices with varied Operating Systems.


PSD (PhotoShop Design) files can be converted easily by our expert developers in no time. All you need to do it provide .PSD files of your desired designs. We offer maximum satisfaction to our clients requesting such service.

Flash to HTML5 migration

We can easily migrate from Flash to HTML5 service. This offers advanced flexibility and better experience. Since, mobile device used have increased, so this is now a requirement. Flash doesn’t work in mobile phones while HTML5 does. You definitely need your website to work seamlessly across all devices.

HTML5 UI Design and Prototyping

User-Interface Design and Prototyping with HTML5 has become a lot more convenient. Few simple tags like, variables, parts, labors and other advanced features have made prototyping easier.

HTML5 Plug-in Development

HTML 5 has plug-ins to make user experience even better with increased features. Plug-ins helps to optimize websites with eye-catching features. It can make your website stunning and best in attributes.

CSS3 website development

Web development is an area where we use the latest and the best of all the technologies.  HTML5 comes with jQuery and CSS3 to build an amazing website for your business.  Our developers have in-depth knowledge in all aspects of HTML and so CSS3 development is effortless for them.

HTML5 Website Development

HTML5 website development enriches website with appealing features while also making it user-friendly. With all new latest technologies and attributes, it gives a effective web development. New features include functions for embedding audio, videos, graphics and interactive documents.

Ongoing and constant help and support

Our developer’s team provides support during and after the building of website. You have a constant 24/7 support and maintenance for your website or business needs.

Web Design with HTML5

HTML5 website development enriches website with appealing features while also making it user-friendly. With all new latest technologies and attributes, it gives a effective web development. New features include functions for embedding audio, videos, graphics and interactive documents.

Silverlight to HTML5 migration

Some consider Silverlight to HTML5 migration beneficial for their business. We are here for at your service. This ensures rich user experience, convenient developer resources, increase flexibility and compatibility.=

Data Migration and Maintenance

Data Migration with HTML5 and our developers have become trouble free. Our skilled developing team has ample experience and expertise to deal with your desired designs and features. Regular maintenance of your websites with latest technologies enhances your website proficiency.

Probably not yet convinced with HTML5 and our service? We respect your eagerness to know about our company and our services. Let me summarize it for you.

  • HTML5 equips you to implement aspects to your applications impossible with the previous versions of HTML
  • Cross Browser Support Service
  • Quite cleaner code and acute storage
  • Tremendous User navigation
  • Codes are manageable across multiple platforms
  • Enables better connections between users and web contents
  • Secured and Safer web apps

Furthermore, our clients dwelling in diverse locations are related with different industries. We feel proud that we have made varied user-friendly HTML5 projects. Some of the industries served by us are as follows:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment / media
  • eCommerce
  • Information technology
  • Sports


Finally, we not only just make a website and deliver it to you, but also make sure that you are satisfied. Our creative and hard-working HTML developers ensure your contentment with our services. Therefore do not wait! Contact Us Soon!

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