The Challenge

Outdated Digital Facade Hindering Growth

‍Fresco Construction, a reputable player in the construction sector, faced a digital challenge that many businesses encounter – an outdated and ineffective website. The existing Squarespace-built platform lacked the modern aesthetics, user-friendly navigation, and compelling content needed to captivate and convert online visitors. The challenge was clear: elevate the online representation of Fresco Construction to align with their industry standing and project a contemporary, professional image.

The Solution

Crafting a Modern, User-Centric Experience

Inqsys approached the challenge strategically, commencing with a thorough analysis of Fresco Construction’s brand identity, target audience, and industry benchmarks. The solution was a holistic redesign strategy encompassing:

  1. Strategic Redesign: Inqsys crafted a visually appealing and contemporary design that mirrored Fresco Construction’s commitment to quality and innovation.

  2. User-Centric Navigation: We restructured the website’s navigation to enhance user experience, ensuring intuitive access to relevant information and projects.

  3. Content Optimization: Our team revamped and optimized the website content to align with Fresco Construction’s brand messaging, industry keywords, and SEO best practices.

  4. Multimedia Integration: To enhance engagement, we integrated multimedia elements such as high-resolution images and project videos, showcasing Fresco Construction’s capabilities effectively.

The Result

Measurable Impact on Digital Presence

The impact of the website redesign was transformative, leading to a measurable improvement in Fresco Construction’s online presence:

  1. Increased Engagement: The redesigned website experienced a substantial boost in user engagement, evident through longer average session durations and increased page views.

  2. Elevated Brand Perception: The modern and professional redesign contributed to an enhanced brand image for Fresco Construction, positioning them as a leader in the construction industry.

  3. Conversion Optimization: The user-friendly design and optimized content resulted in improved conversion rates, translating online visitors into valuable leads and potential clients.

  4. Mobile Responsiveness: The redesigned website ensured a seamless user experience across devices, catering to the growing mobile audience and maximizing reach.

Inqsys successfully revitalized Fresco Construction’s digital presence, underscoring our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that drive tangible results. This case study stands as a testament to our expertise in digital marketing and web design, showcasing the positive impact we bring to our clients’ online success.

The result: An effortless transactional experience 🙂