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    “Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.”- Seth Godin.

    Content marketing is defined as “a strategic  marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience- and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action” by The Content Marketing Institute .

    The definition is concrete but needs some precision.

    Content marketing is all about information shared with audience to help readers improve their lives.

    However, it is not forcing a sales pitch on readers but guiding for better understanding of the product or service.

    Content Marketing is the present and also the future of the marketing.

    Marketing is impractical without a great content. Content is inclusive of all texts, images, videos, pictures, etc. An excellent content is integrated with all forms of marketing:
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    SMO (Social Media Optimization)
    SMM (Social Media Marketing)

    PPC (Pay-per-click)
    No doubt content marketing is extensively used and popular. But this doesn’t indicate that it is the right choice for you. It is possible that huge infamous companies adopt this method and still it is not the right fit for you.

    You must have noticed that how different content of blogs, videos and info-graphics have increased online.  You can consider this as an excuse to totally give up content marketing strategy.

    Or, you can opt for putting more effort and time to it. Every business has different solutions. Hence, opt for what suits your enterprise the best.

    It must be brought into light that, content marketing is requisite in marketing your website keeping it up and running.

    You need to understand a buyer’s behavior to provide them a remarkable experience with your content. There are basically three stages a buyer goes through before making the final decision. Those stages are- Awareness, Considering, Deciding.

    You can make your content marketing with a detailed research and analysis of your buyers’/ readers’ behavior.

    Social media is an additional form of marketing. Social media is the powerful platform for content marketing. You can market to your target audience very smoothly and effectively.

    Always pay attention to your analytics of your content. This will help you to modify content and other practices for better outcomes.


    Why Content Marketing?

    Creates Brand Awareness

    With a beautiful, appealing and informative content, you acknowledge readers about your brand. You can at least engage readers to your page. This increases the probability of them turning into a potential customer. Brand awareness is the most significant advantage of Content Marketing.

    Encourages Conversions

    A good content has ability to persuade a visitor to become a potential customer. If you create consistent contents, your conversion rate is nearly 6 % higher compared to your competitors (who don’t focus on content marketing). Your efforts, time and patience will eventually pay off by bringing more conversions.

    Drives in More Traffic

    If you post high-quality relevant content with consistency, you drive more traffic. You should publish effective, appealing and engaging content to attract traffic. Make a schedule for publishing blog or posts on consistent level. This daily publishing enables you to improve your site traffic.

    Build Trust

    With quality content, your reader’s can trust you. The more informative your content is to the reader, the more trust you gain from them. You can establish a long-term relationship on this foundation of trust. Therefore, try and provide value to target audience via blogs or posts.

    Improves Visibility and SEO

    A good content is a part of every marketing strategy. Similarly, SEO is also triggered with content. With good content and SEO, you can get higher ranks in search engine results. Due to this, you will also be more visible to the users and hence gain brand awareness. All these will bring massive popularity and a great reputation for your website.

    Cost Effective Approach

    Content just needs to be thought over and researched. You don’t need to pay a high amount of money for writing up content. It is also a very cost effective approach than other traditional marketing strategies. According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing expense is 62% less than other outbound marketing.

    Bring in Qualified Leads

    Obviously, you will not want your brainstorming efforts, time to go in vain. SO, try writing content and blogging to bring in qualified leads. Qualified leads are those who are relevant and ready to make a purchase. Therefore, content marketing is to attract such leads by targeting them specifically.

    Makes Buyers’ Purchase Decision Quicker

    Buyers go through four stages while purchasing a product- Awareness, Research, Consideration and Decision. Therefore, with an effective and persuasive content you can easily catalyze their process of decision making. This will hence increase traffic to your website and also increase conversions.


    What mistakes you often make in Content Marketing?

    Low-Quality Content

    The quality of content matters the most as this imprints and impression on readers’ mind. They form an image and reputation of your brand according to their level of understanding. It becomes difficult to be popular and create a sustainable business with low quality content. It also decreases the driving traffic, conversions and ultimately sales.

    Not knowing your Audience

    You write for your audience and readers. Therefore, research trendy interest, search patterns and other common attributes of a target audience. However, a research is must before jumping into persuading them to connect with them.

    Neglecting Proofreading or Editing

    Grammar is not that easy and needs a lot of attention. After writing up your post, you can check them via different online tools for some mistakes. In addition to this, you must proof read them before publish. You might see some words not easy to understand as it was while you wrote it. Moreover, you have Grammarly at your side for checking basic grammar errors.

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