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The inclination towards converting business to an estores online has increased in recent years. So, our developers comprehend that Ecommerce Website development is now a necessity. Whether your business is small or large scaled, this option is always fruitful. Earlier, the business was restricted to one particular location and also had limited customers.

First of all , don’t you love shopping? So, would you like if you spend hours and surplus money to travel to that store? How about I tell, you can shop from your comfortable sofa drinking your coffee at midnight? Exciting, isn’t it?

Similarly, just think if you can offer the same comfort to your clientele.  This will prevent you from losing your potential customers. You can also increase your sales and profits effortlessly.

Ecommerce website development is the most prevailing attribute in the online business. It’s your same physical store converted into a digital one. It enables to have an access to relatively a larger amount of customer.  Additionally, every ecommerce website development requires different technicalities.

Your ecommerce website will have a user-interface easily accessible by both the owner and the user. Not only this, it will include security certificates, secured payment-gateway and various other benefits. Therefore, as an admin, you can have the control of your listings, products, product descriptions, accounts, orders, etc.

Inqsys is the right place for your ecommerce website development. You can trust our eCommerce developers . We have a technical expertise in eCommerce website, for example, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL etc. Our hundreds of satisfied clients are testimony to our work. Above all, we provide you a custom made ecommerce sites, uniquely designed for your business type.

You can think of all the features for your ecommerce website and we implement it.

We bestow your business and your ecommerce website with many compelling features. These include:-

Site Management
Secured Payment, shipping and checkout
Marketing promotions and tools
Order management
Accounts of the customers
CMS components
24*7 Support

Site Management-

Our work is not finished after just designing ecommerce websites, we manage your website. We put efforts to keep your e-store site up-to-date. You can contact us at your convenience and we are at your service. A site needs to be managed regularly to avoid crashes and other technical difficulties.



Our developers work hard to make your website most appealing and capable to make sales. SEO is an integral part of ecommerce website. From creating brand awareness to hitting new audience and making profits. SEO coupled with other marketing strategies shall bring your website on top.

Secure Payment Gateway-


Payment in these ecommerce websites need to be secure to make your customers trust. We assign trusted payment gateway partners with the ecommerce websites.

Order Management-


As an admin, you can manage the users and their orders. Subsequently, you can learn the users’ needs and preferences to upgrade your business. Manage your orders to serve best to your customers.

Accounts of the Customers-

You can look through the customers’ accounts. This feature leads to an understanding of the users, their preference and hence target accordingly.



Finally, this is the most priority feature we assign to every website. You have your complete business, customers’ accounts and their transactions, so your website needs to be secured.

To summarize, our leading eCommerce website development services includes:-

Responsive eCommerce website development
Any website is useless if its not responsive. Responsiveness comes in the term , how well can you use it on your different handy devices- Mobiles, IPads, Tablets, etc. The responsive design makes it user-friendly and easily accessible by any user over any device.

Payment gateway integration
It is necessary to add a payment gateway to your ecommerce site. This enables the user to purchase the product you advertise. As a result, it alters your visitors to clients (may be a long-lasting one).

Shopping cart development
Shopping cart development is an essential part of your ecommerce website. Online carts can be developed on various platforms such as WordPress/Woocommerce,Magento,etc. It also allows users to have a total control over their products.

Maintenance and support
Our technical support team provides support  and  maintenance lifetime 24*7. We believe in forming long-lasting relationships with our clients. Unlike other service providers, we devote ourselves to your website until you satisfied.

Plug-in and module development
Plug-ins and module development are exclusively for your website’s appearances and features. It allows flexibility, performance and other functional capabilities also.

Custom eCommerce website design
We try to present you with a uniquely designed website customized for your business. Our team has skills in forming a website suiting your commerce. Also, their experience in variety of sectors has made it an easy task.

Development and customization
Certainly, the development and customization in websites brings the uniqueness. However, you have a provision to tailor the websites according to your requirement.

Ecommerce application development
Additionally, application development makes the online business interactive and enthusiastic.

Furthermore, get in touch with us to pave a way to enormous success with an eCommerce website for your business.
Join us soon for a reliable, effective and tailor-made website.

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