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10 effective ways to make money from WordPress website

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It can easily be observed that for a talented and skilled person, there are numerous ways to make money from WordPress. Apart from conventional ways of earning money, some exciting ways have been emerged as well. Nowadays we can work online and make a lot of money. We can work as a freelancer which is possible only because of the internet. There are various ways of earning online, but for now, I would like to talk about WordPress which is a great source of income for various professionals.

Nowadays WordPress is playing a vital role in web development. Many organizations and individuals are using this blogging platform to fulfill their business needs. While people are seeking for different ways for making money online, WordPress can be a great tool for making some extra amount of money.

Let us look at some chief ways for making money online with the help of WordPress!


The most popular way of generating money using WordPress is blogging. What you need is to launch your own blog to offer your services. Add your portfolio on your blog to tell your clients about your experience. Blogging can be used for advertising your services and facilitate online marketing.


Blog setup support

You can make money by helping others to setup their WordPress blogs. You can seek for some clients who want to use WordPress to make a blog but do not have sufficient technical knowledge to do so. Your role starts from setting up a WordPress blog for them according to their needs. The blog setup support task is an endless task. Your client may need you again and again for their constantly changing needs. For example, he may want to change the current theme or want to create a plugin for a certain problem.

Blog setup support

Just make a blog setup service page on your website or blog and let them inquire. Adding banners on the website, social media marketing, guest blogging and paid advertising are some chief ways to attract the potential clients.

Be a freelancer or full-time WordPress Developer

Countless business authorities are seeking for talented and learned WordPress developers. You can utilize this situation and provide your services to one or more than one organisations. You can join a web design company or agency as a freelancer or you can make your own team of web designers, developers and content writers.

Wordpress Freelancer

Website maintenance

Maintenance is the next step after a website has been developed. Website owners must need someone to provide regular maintenance for the website. Sometimes they offer the maintenance services to the developers of the site or they may hire someone else. A WordPress developer may seek for some clients who want their website maintained properly. You can offer your clients website maintenance packages for certain periods. For example, you can charge a monthly fee for your maintenance services.

Website Flipping

Website flipping is all about buying, improving and selling websites. Buying a simpler website and selling it after adding some extra features can be terrifically beneficial. The other things you need to do are trying to attract a good amount of traffic towards the website with the help of SEO, digital marketing, Content development etc. A good place for selling websites is Flippa.

 WordPress themes development

Web designers and web designers are making plenty of money by developing and selling WordPress themes. The needs of all the businesses are different and you have to develop the theme according to their needs. You can do it alone or you can make a team of WordPress

developers and start your own business. You can create a website to sell your WordPress themes. Some websites are ready to buy your themes like Themeforest, Creative Market etc.

WordPress consultancy

If you are an expert of WordPress you can offer consultancy services to your potential clients. Just train them and facilitate the entire development for them. Help them in choosing a better theme for their website or enhancing the quality of the content.

You may offer your services for free to some reputed bloggers. Later you can ask for their feedback. These feedbacks would work as solid proofs of your quality work.

Content Writing Services

Code and design have their own place in web development but we cannot deny the importance of quality of content used in the website. That is why WordPress can be a great source of income for Writers, bloggers, Journalists, editors, proofreaders and marketers.

Web developers and designers are not necessarily good writers. Most of the time, they need the assistance of a content developer. Content developers help them in SEO based writing, digital marketing or adding visual content on the website.

If you have a natural flair for writing you can go for it. Knowledge of graphic designing will be a plus.


If you are skilled enough you will get a lot of learners who want to learn something from you. Setting up a blog with some informative lessons is a great idea to start. Then you can be available for giving one to one tuition or advice. You can write tutorials and make supplemental content as well.

Add a subscription plan on your blog or website for some content for free. Then you can Charge for advanced content if they ask for more information.

Writing and selling ebooks is another great idea. Write ebooks on whatever you are skilled in and put them for sell on your website with a subscription plan.

Selling Plugin

Plugins are used to add some extra features to run a site properly. There are various free or paid plugin available in WordPress.

If you are successful in making a plugin for a specific problem, you can ensure some extra income. All you need for creating a plugin is analyzing the need and focusing on it. You may sell your plugin from your blog or you can create a separate website for it. Some custom plugin projects can be found various websites like Freelancer, Elance etc. Just go for these projects.

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  1. If you have expertise in any field you can exchange your knowledge for money. It’s absolutely true in WordPress! Great information, thanks for sharing!

  2. No doubt, the Google AdSense is the popular ad program for hobby and professional bloggers. But I would like to say, take advantage of affiliate marketing to earn passive income from your blog. None the less, focus on driving targeted traffic to your blog to increase your earning. None the less, sponsored posts can be a great resource for you to earn money from your blog.

    I’ve tried some of the others like theme design with not so great results, but WordPress consulting, SEO services and affiliate marketing have worked for me. Thanks to you for sharing the ways to earn via WordPress.com in an easy way.

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