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    PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is the trendiest and most preferred from of Search Engine Marketing. If you searched something and received bunch of related ads adjacent to your search results, that is PPC Advertisement.

    Another polished form is when you see a box written “AD” with your search results. This gives your page a neater look and increases the rate of click for that website as they appear first.

    PPC is considered one of the best Digital Marketing Model with efficacy in generating quick and striking outcomes. This model is apt for business of all kinds and level dues to its simple and competent nature.

    If you are novice in Digital Marketing and don’t know much about PPC, let’s explore about it today.

    What is PPC?

    PPC Advertising Services

    PPC Advertising Services is an internet digital marketing model by which an advertiser brings traffic via search engines. This traffic is bought and not “procured” organically. Advertisers are charged only when someone clicks on their ad and not when merely broadcasted.

    These ads pop up after the complex algorithm performed by the search engines for your search result. The algorithms decide which ad to display, by which advertiser and in what order. The Search Engines compose such advertisements on an auction basis.

    Being an auction based model, you need to bid higher amount for a click on your ad. This bid determines the ranking of all such advertisements. Therefore, you can bid the most and might rank #1 leave behind your competitors. However, it is not certain that you will rank number 1 because even quality of your website also matters.

    Why is PPC important?

    Direct advertisement

    PPC ads enable you to advertise to new audience. These ads are targeted to the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.
    Your ads are published or publicized according to various factors like location, website, keywords, etc. The search engine results display your products on top and hence more visible to the users. Therefore, the chance of conversion and sale is increased.
    The noteworthy feature is that you don’t have to persuade users or visitors to go for your product. They are driven by attention and attractiveness of your product via search engines.

    Target Right People Right Time

    You can even advertise only to a targeted audience as per your convenience. You can choose particular phrases or keywords which people will be searching for and reach your relevant site. Choosing these words needs efficiency and a lot of research to learn about users’ searching terms.
    Appropriately chosen keywords lets users discover you quickly and hence generates better results. You can also aim at visitors who have shown interest in your product or service earlier. This is called Remarketing; it results great outcomes often. However, the visitor has to be convinced initially with your services.
    Google Adwords enables you to target people based on keywords and much more. This allows to find the apt customers to your website at apt time.

    Brand Exposure

    Brand exposure and a strong web presence are important for any business at every point of time. PPC enables you to broadcast your ads with specified keywords in the search engines efficiently.
    However, common keywords will not generate more sales but can increase brand recognition and possibility of sales. You can have your ad in the top with most bid on the ad and best quality services.

    Pay Only when Clicked

    You don’t have to pay necessary amount of money that you bid on every click. However, you are only charged when a visitor clicks on your ad. Therefore, your advertisement is very budget friendly. There are no limitations on your budget.
    Everything in PPC is measureable, so choose your bid wisely and analyze meticulously. You must think of all the aspects and decide whether the money you are spending is profitable or not.

    Local/ Global Advertisement

    You can obviously target users all over the world with your business online. However, you can also target your local visitors via search engines.
    With proper tools and applications, you can target local potential customers. Moreover, the PPC ads can be customized for the targeted audience.
    Locals searching products and landing on your website can also gather information regarding your services to visit your store physically.

    Efficient Results

    Results are great with this model of digital marketing. You have increased visitors, possibilities of conversions and sales, etc. Therefore, you need to measure these results to analyze your success.
    As discussed earlier, everything is measurable, so you can measure your results too. You can measure aspects related to PPC ads from profits, clicks, views, costs and more.
    The reports and KPIs allow you to keep track of your investment and returns from this advertising technique. It is essential to you to manage and analyze these reports from time to time to keep check on its productivity.

    Immediate Impact

    Digital marketing and a sound online presence are fundamental for each and every business. However, it all comes at its own time and lots of patience.
    You can easily generate traffic within a span after opening your account. PPC is the fastest way to generate results to your website. Due to the reason, that it lets search engines to bring ads in the top results.


    Types of PPC Advertising Services:

    Display Advertising

    The banners, image or text ads you see in different websites are display advertisements. They are particularly targeted to a specific audience. All these link to your website. This method is useful for educating people about your business and services. However, this mode of advertisements has lower click rate returns but yet it is good for brand awareness.

    Remarketing Advertisement

    Have you been displayed ads in other sites for the item you searched in one site?

    This is Remarketing or Retargeting. This attracts customers who once expressed in one of the product or service offered by you. Remarketing is done by using cookies on the browsers. Hence, users only receive specific ads related to their previous searches.

    Social Media Advertising

    It is an open secret that social media has millions of users and so what platform is better than this to advertise?

    Social media platforms, like Facebook has multitude users who can be your potential consumers. Therefore, PPC advertisement on such platforms can bring wide range of benefits. This will offer you higher click through rate, enhanced possibility of conversion and sale. Furthermore, you can target specific localities, audience and interests.

    Paid Search Advertising

    This is the most ordinary type of PPC advertisement method.  Sources like Google Adwords and Bing Ads displays your ad to the users searching for specific keywords. You just choose apt keywords, writing ad copy and opt for the relevant landing page.

    Affiliate Advertising

    This is a PPC Advertising Services method using a performance based payment model.  This mode of marketing pays commission to your partners or affiliates on bringing customers to your website.

    The ads are promoted on various search engines, heavy trafficked websites or price comparison website to boost your traffic. You are only charged when a visitor clicks or when you make a sale with help of any partner.

    Affiliate advertising has many advantages:

    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Can be a long-term investment
    • Doesn’t need extra marketing staff
    • Track where your consumers come
    • How much you spend
    • Less risky
    • Never lose money
    • Find out the most booming locations for your marketing


    PPC via Google Adwords

    PPC via Google Adwords

    PPC advertisement can be done with search engines. Google Adwords is an online advertisement developed by Google to help you reach your consumers immediately.

    Suppose, when you search flight bookings form so and so place, you get a list of results. There will be few results with a box in front with AD in it. This is the advertisement by Google Adwords which becomes instantly visible to the users. This visibility at the least increases brand awareness. However, this also increases the conversion rates and sale of your website.

    You can set up your campaign with selected keywords, location, write-up, etc. Adwords is just another method of PPC; therefore, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. You can show people your products and services when users search some related contents. This increases the chances to allow you offer services to customers.

    Furthermore, these services are responsive or device friendly. Your ads will be displayed in a search result on any device anytime. This increases the audience for your website and hence potential customers. However, with best of your service and quality products, you can retain them and attract new users.

    You just have to set a budget according to your business and its needs. Always ensure to set a monthly budget and not over it. Google Adwords works for any advertising budget. Moreover, you can pause it and modify your spend any time.

    This is not it. You have several types of advertisements in Google Adwords. You can opt for the ones suitable for your business, your time and marketing strategy.

    Search Ads

    Search ads are those ads which appears in the search results in relevance to the inputs by the user in the search engines. The ads that appear on the top are Search ads while others are organic lists.

    Google takes care of many factors before displaying ads. It decided which ads to display, in what order and by which advertiser. These factors play an important role in publicizing your ad and hence it affects your traffic and sales. Let’s take a look on the factors:

    1. Keywords and Search phrase

    Keywords are those chosen words which you set for your ad to be visible when searched by a user.While, Search phrase is the term used by the user to search.

    1. Ad Copy significance

    The ads and the content search for should be relevant. A search for flight booking should not throw results on restaurants nearby.

    1. Targeting

    As conversed earlier, you can target a locality or geographical location to target. Therefore, your ads will be displayed in a specific location.

    1. Bids

    You need to bid higher than your competitors to be ranked first in the result.

    1. Conversion Rate

    Conversion rate depends upon the factors like ad quality, landing page, relevance and obviously experience.

    1. Quality Score

    Quality score is important and depends upon various related factors.
    Everything is inter-related. Therefore, all these factors determine each others’ relevance.
    There are many special ads in search network apart from the customary search ads.

    1. Dynamic ads

    These ads are suitable for a well-managed website and business. The content of the ad and the landing page is dynamically taken from the website. They are analogous to the ordinary text ads except that no keywords are engaged. Suppose, when you search “google adword ads”, you get first result of some paid ad which does not have these exact words. However, this ad is relevant to the search term used by the user.

    1. Call only ads

    Have you seen a calling option when you search some nearby restaurant or hospital? That is the call only ads. These are compatible and specifically for mobile devices only. When you click on the ad you can make a call directly, instead of visiting their website.

    1. Mobile application promotion

    This ad is for encouraging users to download the app available relevantly for their search.

    Display ads

    You must have seen this ad very often and on almost every website. The ads that are displayed on different sections of the page of a particular website are Display ads.

    However, these ads are not what you looked for previously but just based on different factors. The factors like keywords, interests of audience, etc play an important role in their appearance. Google displays these ads only when the websites support advertising.

    1. Keywords

    The ads are displayed on the basis of the optimized keyword. If you search “food”, you will get ads relevant to this keyword only.

    1. Placements

    Placements are the websites on which you want your ads to be displayed. You can merely ad the websites you want your ad to appear.

    1. Remarketing

    Existing customers are valuable to you. Therefore, you can retain them by Remarketing. You can target you repeated visitors to make them your potential customers. This enables you to reconnect with the visitors who have not taken any action.

    1. Topic

    There are topics to choose for your ad under which all websites will be grouped.

    Shopping Ads

    These Shopping Ad campaign is beneficial for online sellers, wholesaler or retailer. Showcasing your ad to the users dynamically will increase brand awareness, traffic, conversion rate and sales too.

    Running campaigns of such kind will boost quality leads to your website. You can attract your customer via display of your products and services. There are basic requirements for operating your shopping ads.

    Create accounts with Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords and then link them together.  All set. You just need to manage your Google Merchant Center with updated products every 30.

    Video Ads

    As the name goes, Video Ads lets advertisers display video ads on YouTube and other Google Display Platforms.

    There are many benefits of running these video ads:

    1. Larger Audience

    Video ads are always available on almost all Google Display Networks. This obviously means that you can have larger audiences to reach to for your products and services.

    1. Measureable

    All the performances of your running campaign are measureable. YouTube allows you to know the essential metrics like view rates, clicks, frequency, reach, engagement, likes, etc. These all are parameters for measuring the success of video ads.

    1. Targeting

    You must be used target based ads to reach apt people who can be your potential customer. Targets can be based on the users’ location, population, interest, keywords, etc. Furthermore, these help you reach to right audience on YouTube and other Google Display Network. These video ads can be short or long as per your choice.

    Universal App Campaign

    Just as the name suggests, this ad campaign runs on various platforms like YouTube, PlayStore and other Display Networks. This campaign is beneficial to businesses with mobile apps. You can publicize your app very smoothly on aforementioned platforms to increase your traffic.

    Google Adwords use texts of your ad and other parameters from your apps tore listings. Set up your ad campaign with texts, a budget and an initiating bid. These ads can be customized for particular location and demographic.

    All these data are used by Google Adwords, it designs a diverse ads in various combinations to display. The best of the performed format is displayed as the ad in various platforms.


    PPC with Facebook

    PPC with Facebook

    Social media, especially Facebook is the most widely used platform by different users. This marketing channel consists of different kinds of users, audience and locations. Facebook can make an entrepreneur’s dreams come true or even become a nightmare.

    Facebook can be used for Pay-per-click advertising. This means that you pay only when some user clicks on your ad. However, you can also be charged on parameters like impressions, views of videos and others. It all depends on your advertisement and marketing strategies.

    The best strategy for Facebook Advertisement is to apply multitude of Facebook PPC Strategies at a time. If one fails, your ad campaign can be backed up by another. You can even experiment different strategies to choose the best one for you.

    There are many strategies one can opt for their different business:

    1. New Ad Placements

    New Ad placements can be beneficial for your business and online presence. This campaign is cheaper compared to other social media advertising. Cost-per-click for your ad can vary by a great percentage depending upon the used ad placement. However lower cost of such campaign doesn’t always mean better results.

    There are numerous ad placements to uncover the lowest cost per click and highest ROI. There are nine different Facebook ad placements:

    • Facebook Desktop Newsfeed
    • Facebook Instant Articles
    • The Right –hand Column
    • Facebook Mobile Newsfeed
    • Facebook  In-Stream Videos
    • Instagram Stories
    • Instagram Feed
    • Facebook Suggested Videos
    • Facebook Audience Network
    1. Facebook Ads & Google Adwords Combination

    Google Adwords and Facebook Ads work great individually and hence their outcome when combined together will be greatest.  These different platforms work differently and produce improved results.

    Setting up such campaign has steps to follow.

    • Target your audience with your Facebook Ads.
    • Once your ad is clicked, users enter a Remarketing channel. Now, login to Adwords account creating a remarketing audience.
    • Setting up a list of Remarketing List Search Ads (RSLA) campaign on Adwords.
    • When searched by the previous visitors of your website, your website will be on the top of the results.
    1. Facebook Ads & Content Marketing Combination

    Content marketing is also an essential part of your advertising campaigns. It is said that a content marketing strategy focuses 80% on content promotion and remaining 20% on content creation.

    However, if you fail to convey to your readers regarding your article or blog, you’ll lose potential customers. Therefore, a lot of focused should be emphasized on promotion while publishing a blog or article.

    • The CPC is lower in this platform compared to other social media platforms.
    • You can combine your paid promotion with organic reach of the posts.
    • You can reach multitude of potential buyers by targeting specific audience.
    1. Setting up strategic A/B Tests

    You can always consider Facebook ads split text to try out different elements and find the correct one for your business.After discovering your Facebook Target Audience, you can try A/B testing your ad visuals. Visuals like pictures or videos are important and more appealing to users. This is responsible for almost 80% of the ad performance.

    1. Facebook Marketing Funnel

    The interests of the people you target on Facebook can differ depending on their position in your marketing funnel. There are typically four stages for an ordinary Facebook Marketing Funnel.

    • Attract Cold Audience
    • Convert Warm Audience
    • Close deals with Leads
    • Impressing your Existing Customers

    A high ROI Facebook Advertising needs different marketing strategies for different stages of this Marketing funnel. Setting up Marketing Funnel will fetch you better overview of your audiences.

    1. Targeting Competitors’ Fans

    There are many competitors in Facebook due to its wide spread reach. Similarly, you will have your competitor in the same platform whom you need to overtake to make it your market.

    However, the good aspect is that you have your competitor’s fans too in the same platform. You can easily target them and mould them for your products and services.

    Therefore to target your competitors’ fans, create Facebook Saved Audience list under Interest category with competitors’ names. There are numerous benefits:

    • Brand Awareness
    • Easy convey to people with known concept
    • Target audiences are already in need for your product
    • Creating another marketing audience.
    1. Remarketing

    Your cold audience can be reached in the awareness stage by displaying advertisements or Facebook Saved Audience Targets. Furthermore, your sales significance will have bigger effect on the leads that have been to your website.
    Remarketing strategy is best and most powerful of all PPC Strategies. This is because people are familiar with the concept and are more likely to purchase. Different target audiences can be reached via this method with tailored ad messages and offers.
    Remarketing audiences can be created under Custom Audiences in Facebook Pixel. There are varied remarketing audiences that can be created.

    • Blog Readers and Fans
    • Customer who already made a purchase from you
    • People visiting the Pricing page
    • People deserting the shopping cart
    • Particular landing page visitors
    1. Triggering Facebook Page Likes

    Who doesn’t like a load of Facebook Likes? It depicts that you are reaching those people. Similarly, it will be beneficial for your business. However, getting Facebook likes can be tougher. Although, getting likes only is not a sustainable strategy for marketing.
    Getting more likes can trigger some of the merits:

    • Facebook Posts will reach organically to people
    • You can target your fans’ friends too
    1. Facebook Lead Ads

    Including Facebook Leads Ads to your Facebook PPC Strategy will be best for your marketing funnel. When thinking about your marketing funnel, you need conversions from one stage to another.
    The most noteworthy merit is that people will be able to download the content and share contact details without exiting Facebook.
    A pop-up window appears asking for contact details when somebody clicks on the download button.

    1. Facebook Video Ad Campaign

    As discussed earlier, video ads are always useful compared to plain texts. And video ads running on the most widely used social platform, its just way better. There are more than 100 million Facebook users watching Facebook Videos every single day.

    Therefore, this makes the video ads campaign one of the best strategies. You can target business to business or business to consumer, your choice. There are plenty of video ads ideas matching up to your strategy.

    There are some specifics you can follow while creating and publishing a video ad.

    • A 90 characters copy text
    • 4GB (max) file size
    • Continuous looping availability
    • 9:16 or 16:9 aspect ratios
    • Videos can be long for 120 mins , however, 15-30 seconds perform top.
    1. Advertising Limited-Time Offer

    People postpone their purchase if given too much to decide and so eventually, their enthusiasm reduces. If you present your ads in limited time offer period, people would worry to miss out such opportunity.
    You can create “fear of missing out” among people to react on your ads and offers quickly. Subsequently, this fear can be introduced by promoting your limited time offer.

    1. Facebook Ads for Retention

    Retaining your customer is an important aspect of your online business. However, you can lose your customers to your competitors within seconds. Therefore, you should do everything in your ability to sustain them for as long as possible.
    Therefore, Facebook marketing is a great platform for customer sustenance. When crafting a Facebook PPC Strategy for customer retention, you should focus on the contents that will help your customer.
    Above all, you can create fun surveys too to keep them engaged on your business.

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