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SEO Friendly Content Writing

Thought to start a Content-Writing Career? Or, need an SEO Friendly Content?

Let me tell you it’s not that easy. There are technicalities involved apart from your excellent writing skills.

However, it won’t be quite a hurdle when writing is your passion!

The most important aspect is to make your content SEO Friendly. You don’t want your writing and efforts to get wasted.  SEO is important for your website to be awarded for your article and also your efforts.

Before getting into the steps, let be well versed with the technicalities involved. There are few terms to understand beforehand for comprehensiveness.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice to enable you to rank high in search engines. It is an obligatory method for any website to be visible to user.

You necessarily need to optimize your contents to enable the search engines to know what your content is about. To make your content SEO Optimized, you can adopt various available tools or plug-ins.

You can get the best plausible ranks in SERPs. However, there is no affirmed guarantee to be ranked #1 in search engines. We’ll soon discuss the steps in the later part of the posts.


SEO Optimized content is important, similarly, keywords are essential too. Keywords are those phrases a user searches over search engines and obtains related search results.

Content incorporated with enough keywords aids in increasing rank of your website. It is quite simple and easy to adapt.

However, keyword density has a limit. According to Yoast SEO, 2.5% keyword density is apt for a post. This means for every 1000 words, your keyword counts should be 25.

Never stuff your content or posts with too much of keywords, known as keyword stuffing. This makes search engines think your content as ‘Spam’. Oh I am pretty sure, you don’t want that?

Meta Description

This Meta description too plays an important role for improving SEO of your content and aids to get ultimate results.

What is Meta-Description?

It is the bunch of texts shown by search engines probably in the third line, below the Title. Meta Description should be appealing and of user importance too.

It’s not a big deal, just concise your post in few words relevant to your post & keywords searches.


Keywords and Meta Description aid in supporting your SEO Friendly Content. Likewise, Tags are too a part of making it SEO Optimized.

Tags are somewhat similar to keywords because of their almost same functionality.

You can manually update tags for your posts or even more use tools like Google Tags Manager.

Well, these were few ‘Technical’ terms of importance before jumping into SEO Friendly Content.

Here are few tips to improve your Writing Skills as well as make it a SEO Friendly Content. In this post, we cover all the tools necessary for you to improve your rankings.

1. Create Original Content- Plagiarism Free

Your content needs to be original. It should be your set of authentic lines and phrases. We understand, you might like some idea from your reference website. You just need to brainstorm and give it a unique perspective to give efficacy to your post.

First of all to avoid any duplicity, think before writing. Always do your ‘research’ before jotting them as your content. As a writer, you must have good typing speed, so you it won’t take long for you to implement your thoughts into words. Furthermore, with ideas swarming in your head and appropriate words you can create a beautiful content.

There are numerous tools available if you want to ensure it is plagiarism free. Copyscape, Duplicate Content, Grammarly, etc, analyses your content deeply. With some of these tools you can also correct your grammatical errors and produce a SEO Friendly Content.

2. Choosing Appropriate Title

You must have faced problems while choosing titles for your best-written contents. This is because you think the title before writing the content and researching about it. Consider you title after finishing with your content. As a result, you have many great ideas to optimize it according to the user’s search phrases.

Title should be captivating and useful for user to immediately make them click on your content. Choosing the title is an important task to increase your SERP’s ranking. You can craft your Title out of your focus keyword. Also, ensure to make it relevant to your URL.

Title is elemental to create a SEO Friendly Content, as user reads headings primarily.

3. Proper Structures

Do you remember being scolded for lack of structures in your essays?

Well, may be, right?

Structure means a captivating introduction, a good body and a conclusion. Well, these are basic requirements for any SEO Friendly Content. You should have a clear structure in your mind to put them into words.

Another aspect of structuring your content is the efficient use of paragraphs. Always ensure ’One idea in One paragraph’ to not make it monotonous for your users.  In contrast, don’t just start a new paragraph because you consider it beautiful.  There should be a rational reason to incorporate ideas in different paragraphs.

This structured writing with proper use of paragraphs offers comfort to your users and conveys your idea descriptively. After all, you write for your visitors.

4. Usage of Headings

Apart from structures, use of proper Headings also affects SEO Optimization of your post. Headings convey the overview of your content. Try using focused keywords at least in one of the Headings.

You should know that every heading level has its own importance. H1 is the most essential one giving a general idea of your further content. While H2 and other tags can be used to point out the relevant points of your contents as the sub-headings.

Optimizing and using Headings not only makes your content readable but also makes it a SEO Friendly Content. This enables you to increase traffic and ranking of your website.

5. Ensure High Quality Content

First of all, ‘First impression is the last impression’. You need your readers to believe that the reader behind the article is not some amateur.  However, you need not entwine your words creating it complex for clientele to comprehensive.

Always be subtle with your words. Well, you are writing for your audience. You should be able to convey your message smoothly and let them grasp too in the same manner.

High quality does not mean using highly complicated words with many syllables. This means to convey your service or product with ease and correct choice of words.

You should always mould your article from the reader’s point of view. Search engines will surely recognize a high quality, appropriate content.

6. Using Carefully Chosen Keywords

Keywords, as explained earlier, it is elemental for SEO Optimization. You should carefully and wisely choose your keywords.

Keywords can be chosen manually by brainstorming or using tools like Google AdWords Keywords. These tools suggest you keywords best suitable for your posts.

This step is done before your sit down to write out your thoughts. You need to keep that word in mind and use it enough no. of times in your content. But, NEVER use it too much and make search engines consider your post as spam.

7. Use internal links

Internal links are a way of making your content more SEO Friendly. Interlinks allows users to navigate through your website in a targeted manner. This link adds worth to your post making it easier for search engine to comprehensive your important topics.

Interlinks can be beneficial for your post and over al website when used efficiently. This also establishes authority, accessibility and also correlation between different web pages.

However, overdo of it can bring contrasting results of expectations. Therefore, make sure to incorporate enough to serve its worth.

8. Optimize Images

Try adding images in your content to make it more captivating and interesting to the user. You should upload images which are optimized before-hand. Yes! Just like your content, you need to optimize them to assist in SEO. There are many tools which can aid you.

However, take care of the following aspects before uploading them.

  • Add keywords to your Image files.
  • Also allocate a ALT Tags to your images
  • Reduce the Image file size ( consider the webpage loading time)
  • Take care of the quality of Images

Visuals are more important for the reader. They rarely read all of your content as they try and grasp the gist and idea from the visuals and signal words. Hence, Optimization of image helps improving not only SEO but also Traffic Engagement.

9. Optimize your Article Length

Would you like to read some technical articles from start till the end?


Yeah, true. Hence consider your user very meticulously. You are writing for your user.

Try keeping your length adequate to be read by users. You must be able to captivate them and generate interest to read further within first 1000 words.

However, Google gives priority to longer articles, but then you might lose readers. Therefore, attempt to collimate balance between both readability and Google preferred.

10. Use Yoast SEO Plug-in

You can save all your manual efforts of SEO Optimization by this one #1 plug-in. Yoast is the best SEO optimize for any website and its FREE!

You can write your content in the post article column and get deep analysis of the words and images. This analysis tests both Readability and SEO of your content to be uploaded. It consists of three colored lights-Red, Green and Orange depicting the efficiency of your content.

This plug-in checks the keywords used, its density and its appearance init the necessary position.  Apart from readability, this checks your slugs, tags, Meta-description and other snippets. You can easily optimize your content according to this tool and better your rankings.

To Summarize:-

  • Be Authentic
  • Choose Relevant Title
  • Have a proper Structured Article
  • Use Headings
  • Write a High-Quality Content
  • Carefully choose Keywords
  • Make sure to use Internal Links
  • Optimize your Article Length
  • Always Optimize Image
  • Use Yoast SEO Plug-in

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