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    What is Social Media Optimization?

    Social media is a booming platform for online business and marketing. This is where Social Media Optimization comes into play for establishing a sound online presence.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a form of Digital Marketing used as a channel to grow an enterprise’s business. This process helps generate utmost publicity via social media.

    Social Media has huge potential for marketing and creating brand awareness. Billions of people use different social media platforms as a part of their daily routine. Social Media Optimization can:

    • Strengthen your brand
    • Increase your business’s visibility
    • Enhance traffic on your website
    • Increase ranking of your website on search engines
    • Connects with your audience
    • Generate Leads

    Social Media Optimization is all about creating, building and amplifying your Social Media Plans. This is an effective strategy to promote or advertise your products and services. Furthermore, SMO assists in marketing your content widely over social media platforms.

    Social Media Optimization incorporates using RSS Feeds, Bookmarking sites and social news, etc. Using social media sites, video and blogging sites will be beneficial for driving traffic to your site.

    In general, SMO means optimizing your website and its content to persuade more users across social media sites. The aim for SMO is to strategically craft contents that will create anticipation among the users to engage your website. You can also implement online Reputation Management (ORM). ORM ensures that no negative feedback is displayed as the first link in search engine results.

    Just like SEO, Social Media Optimization can be categorized as Off-page and On-page.

    On-Page SMO incorporates doings such as optimizing contents, titles and codes to enable easy access to on-page content. These contents are not only easily accessed but also easily distributed.

    Off-page SMO incorporates activities like building mashups and incoming links. Hence this helps to promote and popularize your website over social media.

    As discussed, SMO helps in create driving more traffic to your website and increase sales too. However, there are few tactics that can be adopted to excel your strategies:

      1. Social Media Monitoring

    Observing your market prior to application of the strategies is very useful for your online business presence. You need to monitor the social media pages to understand the needs and interests of the users. This monitoring helps in responding to the users according to their preferences. Finding out what people discuss about, their interests and the dislikes as well, is important. There are many tools available online for monitoring your social media.  After gaining all knowledge, monitoring or observing social media pages become easier.

    1. Unique Social Media Posts

    You want more attention from the social media users and so you need unique and plagiarism free posts. You can be more appealing and stand out of the crowd with distinct contents. The posts can include texts, images, videos, gifs or hashtags.

    However, ensure that your posts are short, crisp and to the point. You should be able to convey your message smoothly to all kinds of readers and relevant audience.

    1. Make a Detailed Profile

    A detailed profile of your business over social media is crucial for branding. Almost all social media asks for a bio, a profile picture and a background or a cover photo. You must make sure that all your details and pictures are true and certainly perfect representation of your brand. Create your social media page with your company’s logo, location, contact details, etc to be transparent to the users. All the data and images should be authentic.

    These uploaded details create an excellent impression on the users and might establish an amount of trust. Users don’t always scroll through social media to reach you and your products. Hence contact information is necessary to reach via other methods.

    1. Connect with Social Media Users

    Connecting to your social media users is important for branding and marketing of your business. People find those brands worthy which are attentive to customer and value their input. Hence, mere posting on social media and waiting for customers to roll in is wrong. You must ensure to reply to their comments and feedbacks from time to time.

    Furthermore, you can share positive feedbacks you received for you services as a testimony. This creates a good impact on the existing users and the new customers. Ensure replying to individual customers’ comments and criticism through social media pages.

    1. Select apt Social Network

    Every brand and business needs different social media platforms to market and advertise. There are different social media networks like some are business oriented (LinkedIn), some motivate craft (Pintrest, Instagram), some produce discussion ( Twitter), while some are for social life building (Facebook).

    Therefore, you approach these websites according to the platforms. Make sure to choose the social network that supports your brand image. However, Facebook can be used for multipurpose business because it is a heterogeneous platform.

    1. Create Worthy Content

    You should create beautiful, unique content for strengthening your brand reputation on social media. The content should be worthy to be shared among the social media users as well. By monitoring your social media, you can understand your customers’ needs and hence responds with content accordingly. You can incorporate memes, tutorial videos, short stories, descriptions or instructional pictures to share more about your enterprise.

    1. Using Existing Influences

    Social Campaigns are useful to promote your brand and attract traffic to your website. You can create fun survey, contests for number of likes, shares or good pictures to attract users. Consequently, these campaigns attract many social media users and convert them into potential customers.

    1. Social Campaigns

    Social Campaigns are useful to promote your brand and attract traffic to your website. You can create fun survey, contests for number of likes, shares or good pictures to attract users. Consequently, these campaigns attract many social media users and convert them into potential customers.

    1. Search Engine Optimization

    Above all, SEO is important for your brand promotion across different social media platforms. Search engines use the likes and tweets on websites to rank pages on search engine results. Social media profiles also get ranked in search results in search engines. Therefore, ensure to keep your social page updated and lively. Optimize specific keywords to make your website appear in search results when users enter relevant phrases.

    Engage rather than sell … Work as a co-creator, not a marketer” said by Tom H.C. Anderson, Market Researcher.

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