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    In this digital era, the communication mode is quite widespread. Every individual has different preferences on operating systems. Therefore, with variety of options like Android, iOS and Windows, people go as per their choice. Due to this, android & windows phone app development is on boom. We know that uninterrupted communication and quality device is useful for every person.

    Our team of excellent developers has proficiency in developing Windows Phone App too. We have more than a decade’s experience in developing Windows Phone App Development. Your business can be enhanced with your Windows Phone app by reaching out to this part of audience. Increasing your reach to audience, you bring in more traffic to your website. Consequently, this will increase your conversions and sales.
    Our highly skilled Windows phone app developers ensure you best of the services. They have years of expertise on different tools associated with the building of apps. We know how competitive the online marketing is, so we try and customize apps according to your need. Our team is well versed with .NET compact framework, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Windows Mobile SDK and other programming languages.

    • There are multitudes of reasons for opting Windows Phone App Development
    • Common for both Windows Phone and Desktop OS
    • Enhanced Reliability by Microsoft
    • Enduring Competitive Edge
    • Higher Rate of ROI
    • Improved Security in Windows Phone App


    Our broad knowledge in different programming languages ensures to provide you the best of the services. Your business can reach across all realms in a click of your hand. You can increase your sales effortlessly for your future. You can always sustain your old customers or users but what about new ones?  We have a great team of experienced and talented Windows Phone App developers. The Windows apps designed are very appealing and purposeful. There are numerous services our developers provide while developing you Windows Apps.

    Custom Windows App Development

    Every App we deliver is custom made for different businesses. With immense competition forthcoming, you obviously want your business and apps to be unique. We understand that customers or visitors are everything to you and so we try and make it appealing and equipped. We bring you the best designs with collaborative frameworks.

    Windows Phone Multimedia Applications

    You can have multimedia applications built precisely for Windows Phones. you can have your own multimedia and gaming app with best graphics. We try to provide you innovative and out of the box applications trouble free. The apps are interactive and intuitive too. We aim at client’s maximum satisfaction in multimedia or gaming world.

    Windows Phone Games Development

    Who is not a fan of games? If you want to start your own game have a great idea but lack a bit of technical skills, leave it to us. Our team of game developer is an expert in Windows Game Development. With years of knowledge and technical skill, you can have your own game sooner than you think. Therefore, bring us your idea and have your gaming app specifically for Windows Phone.

    Navigation and GPS Application Development

    Different business calls for different app building practices. So, if you want a GPS app development, we are here. You can have an app with features that has a map with geo-location services. This will also come with voice instructions for navigation, profiles, etc to make it more users friendly.

    Windows App Conceptualization & Design

    We believe in serving the client the best services for their utmost satisfaction. Therefore, we believe each client has his own idea of his business look. So, you can come up with great idea or design for your app and we make it real. Your thoughts can be converted into reality by the developing team. We attempt to make your apps as interactive, appealing and functional as you desired (or may be more).

    Windows Apps Porting and Migration

    There are needs to transit form one platform of app to another. We are at your service to ease it up for you. Our team of developers has in depth knowledge of ensuring a fluent transition from the existing platform to Windows. The migration can also be from the old version of your app to the latest one. This will keep your app and its functionality up-to-date.

    Web Based Windows Mobile App Development

    Our development team has extensive knowledge of tools in mobile web app development. They deliver the best customized web based app for you. They develop strong and scalable apps to enhance your online presence. Your online presence is necessary for your business to get going. Therefore, you can trust us and our services to offer you the best.

    Support and Maintenance

    Worrying with some features or technical issues? You can reach out to us at your convenience. Our technical support team can solve all your queries within minutes. Our technical support team provides support and maintenance lifetime 24*7. We believe in forming long-lasting relationships with our clients. Unlike other service providers, we devote ourselves to your website until you satisfied.



    These Windows Apps work both on desktops and windows powered phones. With diverse mobile developing software, Windows is beneficial because of its enthusiast user-interface. Therefore, let’s learn some of the tools involved to provide you the app of your dream.

    Various Windows Phone App Developmental Tools used:-


    • Visual Studio

    This Visual Studio is a development tool used to develop apps for Windows. Apps can be developed with VB.NET, C# or even JavaScript. The interface is designed easily and structural with this development tool.

    • Ignite UI

    This allows the programmers to build up mobile and desktop experiences. This is a set of jQuery Core, jQuery UI and Jquery Mobile JavaScript which can be used with HTML5.

    • Phone Gap

    It is an open source framework which helps to create apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    • Sencha Touch

    Sencha Touch is a HTML5 product which designs, develops and deploys apps to mobile or desktop. This development suite allows to develop apps with ease and quite a less effort.

    • The App Builder

    It is one of the tool offering cross platform development of apps. There is no such necessity for high level coding or designing skills.

    • XAML Spy

    XAML Spy is important to every developer. This helps in monitoring events in apps running in XAML.

    • Zip Apps

    Windows Store App creator supported by Nokia and Microsoft. The templates and app resources makes it easy for the developer to build up an app hassle free.

    We hope to educate you maximum about the Windows App technologies, our services and how we serve.

    At Inqsys Technologies, we verbalize computer, so we know what’s best when it is programming and developing software. Our experts can handle your demands with this programming language smoothly.

    Finally, we not only just make a website and deliver it to you, but also make sure that you are satisfied. Our creative and hard-working Windows Mobile App developers ensure your contentment with our services. Therefore do not wait! Contact Us Soon!

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