iPads are in demand compared to the sales of other devices like PCs r notebooks. Hence there is a dire need of excellent iPad app. Apple iPad dominates the global market share industry. This booming demand led to the development work for iPads. With an increasing demand, it has come into our focus too. It takes a lot of brainstorming, creativity, efficiency and frameworks to go for a significant app development company.

This is where Inqsys comes into role with its expert, skillful technological developers. With an experience of more than 10 years, we certainly have an in-depth knowledge and polished technical know-how. Moreover, our aim is to offer you best iPad app development services. The Professionals of Inqsys have made a skilled and trained team of software engineers and are all ears to hear about your requirements to develop your new iPad app.

There are millions of existing mobile users and the number of the users may increase in near future. Therefore, the situation is favorable for those who are ready to adopt mobile apps to grow their business. Having a vast knowledge of multiple industries, our team has also made great iPad apps for our satisfied clients. Furthermore, our clients include startups, large organizations, established brands and ambitious individuals.

 iPad Development Services:

Customized App development

Whether you own a blog or an ecommerce store or any other website, we have a customized option for you. All businesses are distinct from each other and similarly their apps are distinct too. Well, you might have an android app and iOS app but you still need an Ipad app. Although they have same operating system, but when looked clearly their functionality differs a bit.


iPad Game development

An iPad user experience is so different from any other phone. We have top programmers who develop gaming apps specifically for your requirement.  Quality game is more important, so we thoroughly test games before delivering it to you.


Web Application Development

Web application can be for your personal use or for your business. With the use of Objective-C or Swift, we can create a beautiful and practical application for you. As there is an increasing trend of using iPad, this has become necessary. The apps developed by our expert developers are best performing and safe and secure.


Social Networking Application

Social networking is important in this digital era. If you want your own social networking app, you can have it now. Our team of great developers will deliver you the best social networking app for you. The apps that we designed are very customized, interactive and intuitive. The most noteworthy feature is the communication channel via social apps and that is what we emphasize on.


Utility Applications

iPad is more than just playing games or reading, there are various utility apps that increases the functionality of your device. We can build you an exciting, appealing and a practical utility app. Our developing team has immense knowledge in crafting a customized utility app for you.


iOS App testing Services

There is a need to text your iPad app. Hence, we have a solution; we have best of the app testing tools. The tools are Kobiton, Calabash, SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform, etc. We have expertise and years of experience to serve you with the utmost satisfaction with you iPad app.


Existing App Migration

You might at some point of your business want to migrate from Android to iPad. We are at your service. Our programmers strive to provide you the best service when it comes to migration. With years of experience, they deliver you the final [product in the best of its phase.


Business Applications

Online business has increased and covered most of the online market. If you have your business and a beautiful website online, you can have an iPad app all for yourself. We excel in building apps for different business making it very interactive, appealing and functional and user rich experience.


Support & Maintenance

Our relationship doesn’t end just after delivering app to you. We maintain an everlasting relations by offering you 24/7 assistance. We are well aware that you can handle it very easily, but when it comes to technicality, you need an expert.  You can contact us anytime for assistance regarding your app.


Widget Development

Widgets are just additional feature to your apps. They add more features and appealing look to your app. Therefore, it now has become a need for iPads to have widgets of different functions.  You can get quick access to apps and makes your operating easy.



iPad technicalities can be at times hard to handle, so you can consult us at your preferred time. These technical issues can be resolved. We strive for our customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, we help until you are satisfied with the end product.



Integration of your files in iPad is easier now. These make your apps secure, manageable and optimized for different platforms. Our developers can integrate your desired file into your app in a click of your hand.


 Ipad Technologies

Our programmers and developers have a good knowledge of iPad Application development. They are well versed with the technologies used and hence deliver you the best of the services. An iPad app requires knowledge of many things like the technologies used, iPad supported technologies and pre-built attributes.

Technologies Used By Developers:

Objective-C (obj-C)

Objective- C is a type of programming language used by Apple for macOS and iOS before the introduction of Swift. Moreover, Swift takes up many useful components from this basic programming language. Obj-C was developed in 1980s and since then it is the superior one. This language is quite dynamic and safe.



SQLite is the most dynamic and full featured database engine well used in diverse devices. It is database software which offers local/client storage. This the most safe, secured and widely popular used database in applications. Your database management is done by SQLite, Core Data, XML/JSON, SOAP, Rest API etc.


Core Animation

this tool brings life to your graphics. Animation can be represented in more intuitive ways with core animations. These are very easy to use and provide you professional outcomes. You can also share the animations via social media.



This is a mark-up language to accumulate and transfer data. The main benefit is that when ASPs or CGI programs are requested, XMLHTTP retrieves the updated information. This allows user to not refresh the browser repeatedly. These add more user rich experience to your website or apps.


Xcode IDE & iOS SDK

Xcode IDE is an integrated Development Environment used to write application software. It is integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks which gives a smooth workflow. The incorporated Assistant Editor enables easy building of user interface. The iOS SDK is a Software Development kit developed by Apple. This kit enables you to build mobile apps on iOS Operating System.


Analytics – Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics

We have both Google Analytics and Flurry Analytics to track users’ data. Using these analytics is very easy and they are specially built for iOS applications. You can ease up your eCommerce business with the help of them.


Cocoa Touch Framework

It is a User Interface Framework designed to build software running on iOS operating system. It includes Obj- C and other two core frameworks. Cocoa Touch is based on mac OS X. It has a model view controller architecture. This makes developing apps fluent.


UIAccelerometer & Core Motion

It is the linear acceleration of the device which is integrated while developing apps. Accelerometer measures acceleration in 3D coordinate system. This controls the motion in your devices when you operate it.


UIKit Dynamics & Motion effects

UIKit dynamics comes bundled in UIKit. This helps in delivering best of the experiences to the user while operating a device. Skipping the technicalities, it enables you to use your device efficiently and smoothly.


IMPS (Wireless Village 1.3)

Wireless Village is a set of listings for instant messaging and presence services for your device. Your iPad app is integrated with this tool to add more functions and make it more user- friendly.


Gesture Recognition – Tap, pinch, rotation, swipe, flick, zoom in-out, multi-touch

Your iPad will have the additional feature of Gesture recognitions. These gestures perform different activities in your device. They also enhance the user experience making it more interactive and intuitive.


Location Based Services (LBS) – Location services (Core Location) & Maps (Map Kit)

Many business apps require location based services integrated to it. Hence, our developers ensure to serve your this demand too. With the integration of the Map Kit and Core location, you can have this feature at your finger tip. It enables in enhancing user’s experience of Location via iBeacon, GPS and Navigation system


Communication – Core Bluetooth, Air Drop, Pass Kit, iCloud

Airdrop feature enables to connect two devices via Wi-Fi. Different apps have different needs and we excel in serving varieties to our clients. The apps built by us are completely designed to be user friendly and therefore such features are added.


Graphics & Animation – Core Animation, Open GL ES, Core Image, Quartz 2D, PDF rendering

Graphics and animation in your app makes it more enticing to your users. So iPad app development too includes all the ultimate graphics and animation features. Animation makes your app and your business livelier.


Audio & video Technologies – Audio (Media Player, AV Foundation, Open Al & Core Audio), Video (Core Media, AirPlay)

The integration o fvarious Audio and Video Features makes your app more interesting and interactive. You can add such functions to you app making it more user friendly.


Socket Programming – Bonjour

This is a set of protocols for zero configuration networking. This enables you to get the configuration right without any manual exertion.
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